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Furniture services
Sliding dovetail
Sliding dovetail

You have a great idea for a new piece of furniture or a set to enhance your living or working space? Are you looking for a specific functionality with simple clean lines?

Whether you

  • are renovating a room, office or commercial space that needs new custom furniture,
  • simply want an outdoor furniture set to enjoy spending time with your family and friends in comfort and elegance,
  • have a great idea for a piece of furniture, a preferred wood species or particular wood combination,
  • value well-designed and well-built furniture,

then you have come to the right place.

I will closely work with you to

  • establish the highlights and the design of the project.
  • provide advice and options on wood choice, types of joinery, and the appropriate finish.
  • build and finish it to your specifications.
  • provide installation, if required.


Furniture services
Stairs - assembly
Stairs - assembly

Have you been inspired by a custom furniture item that you fell in love with but is not available?
Is a specific style something you are looking for but nobody seems to be willing to build it?

It is best to see the original piece to be reproduced in person, however, photos will usually be enough to re-create it. If these choices are unavailable, a good description of the item will help me determine what you need.

There are many options to be considered in choosing the type of wood to be used. While there are no two identical pieces of wood, there are always ways to match types of wood, colors and grain patterns to fulfill your goal as closely as possible.

Regardless of the original construction, I always provide the best joinery type for the highest quality. Wood movement is always considered in any type of furniture I build.

The finish type and the sheen are always your choice. Most furniture makers only finish the visible parts. I finish all surfaces of the wood to allow for uniform moisture exchange between the wood and the environment, which leads to uniform wood movement during the lifetime of the furniture.


Furniture services
Gloss finishing detail
Gloss finishing detail

Time has left its mark beyond the beautiful patina on an heirloom. Replacement is not an option as it is of a great sentimental value.

Regardless of how well you take care of your custom furniture, it is probably a matter of time when restoration work is required to return it to its original beauty. Depending on the conditions, moisture, temperature variation and sun are some of the major reasons for the need of restoration work.

Furniture finishes have come a long way over time, but they are not infallible, nor maintenance free.  There are ways to protect the finish itself and to provide a long life without major work.

Finishes such as:

  • oils and oil based resins
  • water borne resins
  • lacquers
  • shellacs
  • stains
  • epoxies

 can all be refreshed, giving your furniture a new look and a new life.

While restoration work involves some level of refinishing, the services provided are not limited to that. When possible, I also provide repairs or replacement of various damaged wood pieces, while keeping the general look unchanged as much as possible.

I will do everything in my power to give your beloved furniture, beaten by time and elements, a new life.

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