Ragnar Fireplace Mantel

Constructed from a solid maple slab, the 6.5 feet long and 2 inch thick fireplace mantel shows the beauty of  and is a glimpse into the real life of the tree.

The cracks, which are perfectly normal and expected to happen in the process of drying large thick tree slabs, are secured on both sides with thick pieces of butterfly shaped walnut that also provide a beautiful contrast. The surfacing of the front edge has been minimized to only the cleanup of loose material in order to allow the real live edge to show.

The mantel was finished in a marine style manner with epoxy to fill up the voids and stabilize the slab and with multiple coats of phenolic urethane to provide the ultimate lifetime protection.

Floyd Fireplace Mantel - Front Top View
Floyd Fireplace Mantel - Top View
Floyd Fireplace Mantel - Closeup
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