Birbungha Floating Shelves

Constructed from single slabs of 2” thick maple and installed on custom made steel brackets, these 24” by 9” floating shelves offer the most judicious use of space while bringing beauty, elegance and warmth into your home.

Designed to elevate your living space or your office, theses helves blend seamlessly with any interior style thanks to their clean lines and minimalist design. The natural beauty of the maple is enhanced by a rich dark walnut oil stain imparting warmth and character to each piece. To provide a long lasting life, the shelves are finished with multiple coats of oil based polyurethane.

Beyond their aesthetics, the Birbungha Floating Shelves offer virtually endless customizing options making them a practical and versatile storage solution. The shelves optimize space utilization, making them ideal for displaying your cherished items or organizing everyday essentials. Whether you want to showcase books, artful decor, or personal mementos, these shelves provide an elegant platform to curate your home’s unique style.

Floating Shelves
Floating Shelves
Floating Shelves
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