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Ionut Bindea & Luna

My name is Ionut Bindea.

I was exposed to working with wood at an early age. I soon learned that the amazing grain patterns, the smell, the sound of a finely sharpened handplane cutting through the wood, the light reflecting from the smooth wood surface and the tranquility of shaping the wood had awakened a lifelong passion. Although I chose a different professional career, it never changed my passion for woodworking. Over time, I built various pieces of custom furniture for family, friends, and people that had seen my work. In the past because I had a full-time job, the time I could devote to woodworking was always limited, so I recently decided to dedicate my time solely to my love for wood.

I believe that wood, as one of the best building materials to work with, goes far beyond the tree itself. The long years of growth culminates with exposing its internal beauty in unique pieces of furniture, where the personality of the wood tells the tree’s story to bring nature and beauty into your home. As a woodworker, I am merely a tool that allows the tree to tell its story.

I specialize in traditional western joinery and occasionally Japanese joinery. I strive for the highest quality work, without compromise, through all the building stages from the choice of wood through the actual construction, where the movement of the wood and joining principles are always considered. The finishing process is equally important, not only as means to preserve the furniture, but also to highlight the natural beauty of the wood itself.

I create one of a kind, handcrafted furniture that will last a lifetime.

Thank you for visiting, I  am looking forward to hear from you soon.

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